Series of Calligraphic Event Poster

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
University/SchoolSavannah College of Art and Design
ArtistKhushboo Nayak
Design TeamKhushboo Nayak, Guidance by Professor Peter Wong

This is a series of Advertising posters that are used to announce an event about the "Indic Callifest" which is going to be organized by MODA in Atlanta. As the name goes this event is a festival, a celebration of Indian scripts, and an introduction to all kinds of different tools that are used in calligraphy. It is a basket of events spread over 4 months which includes exhibitions of work of different Indian Artists, calligraphy demonstrations, and workshops. This series of posters is a call for action to bring the beautiful scripts, language the beauty of calligraphy through this event.

Khushboo Uday Nayak is a graphic designer from India who is currently pursuing a Master's in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from SCAD Atlanta. She did her Bachelor's in Applied arts from a renowned Art school name Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai India. Though she is specialized in Lettering and Typography, she is passionate about art and design in every aspect.