2020 - The year of Covid-19

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistPeter Hammer

This series of images explores the impact of the coronavirus on people especially in Melbourne, Australia and is meant to be viewed as a time series of images. March: and the first wave and we go into lockdown and isolation. June: the virus is largely gone and we start to relax as we cautiously reopen. July: the virus escapes from quarantine hotels and we enter the second wave with a new lockdown and a curfew, one of the toughest restrictions in the world. Mental illness cases soar with the isolation. November: ELIMINATION and we are back to near normal until a vaccine arrives.

Peter used to work as an electronic engineer/IT developer but now spends his time working with photography interspersed with travel. His interests in the photography field range from landscapes, street photography through to fine art and creative image making. Peter's travels have taken him to all 7 continents and around 40 countries.