daily emotion

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistYuichi Onouchi
Creditdaily emotion 900×652 (mm)

I paint emotions that I met in daily life as a landscape painting of emotion. When I face emotion either my or someone’s, colors come up to my head. I put those color on canvas. To visualize the emotions, I careful to become unconscious. And besides, since emotion is very natural, I must get relax and be natural. To paint emotion is similar to a meditation. I realized that even casual everyday life was colorful and interesting if I changed my allies.

Yuichi Onouchi Tokyo, Japan (1990) 2013 : graduated Musashino Art University About me Mainly, my subject is “emotion”. Emotion is what all people have and it effects strongly how you see this world. My goal is to visualize and paint emotion as a landscape painting. I am happy if people feel the world is bit colorful than they thought. Emotion does not lie. I paint this pure energy with my sense of color.