Light Wings

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistLollie Ortiz
CreditSculpture Artist: Lollie Ortiz
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In the spirit of hope and harmony, "Light Wings" take flight as translucent light flows freely to form a connection to one's self in this acrylic plastic sculptural statement. Art has the power to transform as well as heal when the heart is ready to accept its beauty.

As a kid, being different made me the constant "dreamer" of the family. I thank my luck stars for the title and delighted in the courage to follow my heart. In doing so, destiny seemed to reveal a way towards a lustrous career as a designer, art director and photographer for both the corporate and entertainment industries. Entering my senior years, the allure of combing plastic elements with recycle materials drew great pleasure as my notebook sketches began to be transformed into various "laser cuts" into 3D sculptures. which included rainbow colors as a symbol of "spiritual empowerment."