Pasola - A Sumbanese Sporting Tradition

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistWolfgang Weinhardt
Credit Pasola 2020 by Wolfgang Weinhardt
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Heralded by the arrival of the nyale, mythically revered sea worms, the Sumbanese celebrate a spectacular spear fight on horseback at the end of each rainy season: Pasola, a war ritual played to celebrate the rice planting season. Captured at Sumba Barat, Indonesia

I'm a persistent travel photographer with focus on Asian Cultural-diversity. Expect impressions of the last frontiers, religious gatherings, archaic tribes, vital animism, dogmas and rituals of the rich and vivid Orient culture. I'd like to visualize the unique and only orally relayed rites and myths of the rare Adat-related animistic cultures, dawning in the South Pacific area. ?The Project shall enrich cultural dialogues in showing and sharing insights. Therefore it is also deeply in touch with unique ways of cultural expression and likes to contribute to their individual preservation.