urban Movement

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistXavier Asensio Escude

Always running, always going fast and always with no stop to anything to arrive at work, at house after work or any other think we can do in the city. I'm trying to capture this sensation with people crossing everywhere with no sense about what we are doing like an spirits all arround. The city is a qualified spectator to thes kind of behavior. Sometimes image-language and sometimes technical resources can help me to find this special images where what you see is what it is in the digital negative. No mounting parts and no altered negatives only the minimium settings to get a good photo.

I'm An Industrial Designer and working for automotive I've been travelling everywhere for my job and also with my camera. With my camera I'm trying to find the way to show sensations with my pictures always shooting in the way to represent movement and abstract situations that our eyes can't see. Every place can be a canvas where I shoot to get the situation like a picture of what is happen and make to the public a transportation to the same moment I take the photo.