Coulee Day Bed

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyHegi Design House
ArtistPatryk Koca
Design Teamand Hegi Design House
CreditPablo Veiga

The Coulee Day Bed was inspired by the linearity and layering of ancient canyons, the arteries of the earth. You experience these organic traits from the cold but strong steel foundation, the warmth and beauty of solid timber and the sensual textures of the upholstery. Feature lines meld between the steel frame and upholstery stitching, creating continuity and purpose wherever you look. The Day Bed is a statement piece for the home or office, a place to admire and to relax in comfort. Designed by Patryk Koca in collaboration with Hegi Design House.

Hegi Design House is a Gerringong-based design studio exclusively dedicated to creating furniture from sustainably sourced materials. Hegi is passionate about German quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our sustainable timber and steel weave minimalistic furniture exude a tangible sense of classic sophistication at home. Our goal is to infuse simple elegance into every design we make, whether it’s a dining table or a lounge chair. All our pieces are standout, hand-crafted pieces designed to be handed down to future generations as contemporary heirlooms.