Square And Round

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolDOMUS ACADEMY
ArtistLe Xu
Design TeamChen Xin,Bao Liyuan,Zhai Weimin
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Square And Round is based on the characteristics of the people's life after the 90s. It uses logs and acrylic as the material. The transparent acrylic stool surface can show the internal structure. The connection method of the stool adopts Yin-Ding tenon structure (improved from a traditional structure), which can be disassembled and assembled with bare hands. Flat packaging design can greatly reduce transportation costs, suitable for online sales.

Xu Le is a co-founder of Hangzhou DAQIAO Home Design Studio, Hangzhou PUWU Design Company Co-Founder, ZHIJIANG COLLEGE OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGTY Industrial Design Teacher. In 2014, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance selected as a cultural and creative talent support program young design talent, won the award, including Germany Red Dot, IF, French Innovation Design Award?Red Star Award, Golden Award, successful design award, Taipei Design Award, Governor Cup, Master Award, Hibiscus Cup, including hundreds of domestic and foreign awards, to guide students to obtain doze