15-07 Decorative Lamp

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolStieglitz Academy
ArtistAnna Tokunova
Credit15-07 Decorative Lamp
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15-07 (15 windows on 7 floors) is a decorative lamp inspired by panel houses architecture. This lamp has 105 individual 'windows'-lamps, each one can be turned on and off by pressing on it. The surface of 15-07 is covered by high-quality stone-imitating paint so 15-07 looks and feels like a real panel house. The 15-07 windows can be used for different kind of visual compositions — you can write I<3U before leaving to work early morning, draw an arrow to direct attention to something or just go all-in and turn all lamps for ultimate illumination in the room. There're lots of ways to use it!

Industrial and Product Designer