Aurelian - Luxury Headphones

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolVictoria University of Wellington
ArtistTiger ChongSheng Guo
Design TeamJoshua Felizardo, Anton Raymond
CreditTiger ChongSheng Guo
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Aurelian is a luxury headset system designed to break both fashion and consumer electronic trends. Aiming to question the form, function, and social innovation of headphones; Aurelian refuses subjugation into the traditional headphone categories of over ear, on ear, in ear, and on head. Instead, Aurelian introduces a new form: around-head, and seeks to bring back the fashion of the crown. This combined with digital fabrication technologies, allows for fluid forms to be 3D printed in precious metals and durable nylon with dexterity that milled and molded means could never match.