Kico - Hearing agency for hard-of-hearing people

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
University/SchoolCopenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
ArtistHiroki Sato
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Kico is a system to create communal efforts by normal hearing and hard-of-hearing people to engage in understandable conversation. It functions as agency understanding each person’s hearing difficulty. Normal hearing people are reminded to speak at proper volume, pitch and speed by haptic feedback by the system on behalf of hard-of-hearing people with visualization of voice elements. Hard-of-hearing people train the system. A function to play back recent conversation enables them not only to hear what was said but also to mark difficult sound, by which the system figures out each difficulty.

Hiroki Sato is an interaction designer currently based in Amsterdam. He holds a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and has previously worked as a communication planner in advertising agencies. Throughout the year in CIID, where he graduated with the highest honor, he had been driven by an interest to imagine and explore preferable future through prototyping, storyboarding and filming. Combined with his previous experience in branding in education and healthcare, his passion is to design empathetic solution for human and environment.