Petal - accompaniment to mourning ritual

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolEcole de Design of Université Laval
ArtistGabrielle Roberge and Marie-Pier Savard
Design TeamGabrielle Roberge and Marie-Pier Savard
Credit2018_Gabrielle Roberge
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Petal reinterprets the notion of personification through a series of biodegradable products using the funeral urn as central element to provoke an entry into mourning. The collection offers a new ritual based on enhancement of the body, putting in front ecological advantage and memorial heritage. Presence of the body is evoked by a distinction of form and texture in urn's center and amplified by the add of post-crematory residues directly to the natural fiber materiality. Once underground, time interferes freeing ashes for a return to earth; a parallel to the passage through mourning process.