China Overseas Beijing Jinan Huanyuhui

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
ArtistKarin Kou
Design TeamDeepening:Karin Kou,Li Wenxue, Ma Teng, Ge Shupan, Zhou Yang, Wei Xinyu, Liang Ruixin, Fan Zhaoyang, Xu Hongli, Li Qiufang, Liu Jing
ClientCHINA OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT GROUP&China State Construction Hongda Engineering

The project is located in Shijingshan, Beijing.Taking naturalism as the strategy, the design devotes to creates an attractive all-season sunken garden saluting to the northern city like Beijing and the coming Winter Olympics. It is inspired by the natural elements, such as snow mountain, canyon, waterfall and ice to create an unique landscape of an urban green space. Some approaches of the interior design are applied in order to dissolve the boundary between the indoor and outdoor. Environmental protection, feasibility , and sustainability are also important factors considered in the design.