Gemdale Metropolis Season Sales Center

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
ArtistHu Qiao, Guo Juntang, Liu Tianye
Design TeamHong Liping, Li Jie, Zhou Yi, Liu Yusen, Ruan Nanhu, Li Jian, He Yan, Xie Xingchen, Li Zhi, Gui Zhaohui, Chen Hulin, Lei Yong, Song Maiyu
ClientGemdale Group

Gemdale Metropolis Season Sales Center is Located in the northwest corner of the community. The design combines along the street to create neoclassical style, especially in the proportion, line, light and shadow and texture of the creation, to simplify, And with modern new materials, techniques to re-express; restore order, etiquette, sharing, exquisite classical aesthetics. How to build a classical building that conforms to the aesthetic of the younger generation of owners has become the focus of this design.