Chizhou City Moat Heritage Park

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyU.P.Space Landscape Architecture Design Consultants Co.,ltd.
ArtistYubo Zou
Design TeamZou Yubo, Zhao Yang, Zhao Wen, Liu Qiang, Tong Jingxing, Panxue, Tan Binjie, Xiao Lin, Wang Jianan, Lin Cong, Ju Chentao, Li Zhenzi, Wang Kai
ClientChizhou Key Project Office
CreditJiao Dongzi

In the renovation and reconstruction project, a method for treating both LID and polluted river is comprehensively used to transform an "urban enclave" into a constructed wetland park with daily natural features, and the original polluted and malodorous water body into a water-engaging open space with a stable water quality of Class IV all the year round. After renovation, the park has become an accessible waterfront activity space, effectively increasing the regional vitality and upgrading the environment of the old city, and providing a venue for ecological education in the urban area.