Reconstructing the Modern Yi Village

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyMind Studio
Artist Jun Jiang, Xiu’er Yang, Nanfei You
Design Team Tinghuan Deng, Hannah Tian, Xin Liu, Wanhong Feng, Esther Zhou, Yan Han, Rui Ren, Wei Chen, Jiayong Jiang, Hongsheng Chen, Yu Wang, Fengmeng Yang.
ClientGuizhou Guangda Urban Development Construction Investment Company Limited
CreditMind Studio, Jing Studio
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Yi Village, surrounded by vast expanses of mountains and farmland and engaged with extensive networks of rivers and forests. Adhering to the design concept of locality and timeliness, the landscape design focuses on the connection between old and new elements. Centered on mitigating the town’s rural economic problems on different scales, as well as restoring public space for local villagers and conserving water and ecological resources. As the project is completed and put into use, it has brought vitality to the rural community and restored the spatial order of the minority’s village.

Founded in 2014, Mind Studio uses landscape as the main medium and aims to produce inspiring works. We design projects with multi-scales to stimulate, optimize and enhance the performance of the public realm, add new experiences to the urban public space, and consider how the design aesthetics can promote meaningful changes for the residents.