Squid Game

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistBozena Kaluga
Creditbozena kaluga
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We find inspirations all around us. Daily challanges and obstacles. We have all seen it we all know the struggles and pressure we are under. Willingly or not we find our selves solving riddles, impossible tasks. An idea started to grow. My latest medium and my own Squid Game. Once the mind is set it's only a matter of time when the game and solution come alive. The toughest shape in the game, that was my interpretation and solution. My red umbrella represening millions of souls interlinked in the endless flow, yet all positioned in their specific spot bringing the network to reality.

Bozena Hanna Kaluga born in Poland. Graduated with Master`s Degree in Textile Art and Sculpture in 1985 from the Academy of Art Lodz Poland. Since 2001 she has been living and working in London. She creates an imaginary vision of something that will trigger emotions using the collaboration between line and texture. She is helping the viewer to enter her inner world by slightly suggesting a reference point to gives the viewer the freedom to see and interpret a specific work of art individually.