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CompanyBeric Henderson Studio
ArtistBeric Henderson
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I am an Australian visual artist exploring our physical and metaphysical connections with nature, and the potential evolution of future symbiote life-forms. My recent 3-dimensional paintings in resin or Perspex breathe life into such "Emergent" abstract creations, drawing influence from science and spirituality. Perhaps one day humans will adapt a more empathic, and if not symbiotic at least sympathetic, relationship with the natural world.

Beric Henderson is an Australian artist with a background in science (PhD in biology, 1990, Univ. Sydney). His art has been presented through 14 solo exhibitions and ~70 group exhibitions in Australia and internationally since 2003, and his work explores the interface of art and science and the integral connections between humans and the natural world. The major theme is exploring the nature of change, and in turn the changes in nature.