Pondering Around

PrizeWinner in Create (art)
CompanyStudio Peter Musschenga
ArtistPeter Musschenga
Design TeamPeter Musschenga
CreditPeter Musschenga
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How do you become aware of the meaning of a place? Pondering Around is an invitation to contemplation and reflection. Upon entering a circular platform, the apparently closed mirroring outer surface unfolds into two arches of repeating slats to a warm wooden interior: the barrier forms the portal to a new world. The mirrors outside enhance the transition to a place where the visitor can withdraw from the hectic pace of every day life. Inside the visitor feels both closed off and open. An intense sense of being occurs, enhanced by the gentle movement of the platform floating on the water.

I work as an independent multidisciplinary designer, artist and teacher in Groningen, The Netherlands. In recent years the emphasis in my spatial work has shifted from the theatre stage to public spaces. My work includes media installations, light art and free installations. In my designs I combine monumentality with attention to detail. Tactility, the influence of light, and the viewer's perspective are important themes in my work.