Zoom, Click, Waltz

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
Design TeamOng Kian Peng, Mathias Choo Rui Zhi, Teo Weiyong, James Sinclair, Low Wei Xin, Pang Teek On, Tao Juinn Kai, Raymond Teong
CreditSarah Choo Jing
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Zoom, click, waltz is a multimedia installation comprising 13 LED screens depicting individuals in various states of “performance”, while isolated within separate window frames. Over a period of 2 months, residents received mailed instruction requests to perform at an interval spanning 30 minutes. Juxtaposed and interspersed alongside staged, found and borrowed media, separate footages are stitched together to form an uncanny, seamless reality situated in the inter-spaces between interpretation and negotiation, truth and fiction, performativity and chance.

Sarah Choo Jing (b. 1990, Singapore) is known for her interdisciplinary approach to photography, video and installation. Her work depicts identifiable moments and characters within contemporary urban society suggesting a plethora of private and often solitary narratives. The artist is concerned with the gaze of the flaneur, voyeurism and the uncanny.