‘’We are only dust of stars’’

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ArtistAMARGER Brigitte
CreditBrigitte Amarger
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A meeting between science and art to arouse aesthetic emotion in a scientific context. A poetic journey, both into the infinitely large and small, where the human subtly reveals himself among the stars, in the form of body fragments and weightless silhouettes floating in space. A piece of the universe, partly made up of images from Hubble, where bluish transparency, milky nebulae, constellations of twinkling and contrasting stars , mineral samples from unknown lands. An installation of shimmering x-rays squares laser-engraved or painted or in reflective fabric, suspended on nylon threads.

AMARGER is working predominantly with medical imagery and new technologies, in large-scale installations, playing with the aesthetic factors of transparency and reflection. Her work unquestionably fashion a reflection about human, its place in the society, the universe and the nature. She has a deep-rooted interest for the scientific and medical world and is best known for large-scale X Rays installations and discarded materials artworks. Sensitive to ecological issues, she finds in her artistic practice a symbolic double direction: create artworks by recycling discarded materials.