Through Life journey

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistDina Abdoos
CreditBurst in terms of life

This collection calls life journey Has made by copper sheets. I selected copper because only copper in metals can change colours easily due to different situations. Through to heat can changes to warm colours. in effect by chemist material ( aside) can turn to cold colours. Same as a human due to different experiences from good and bad days recat differently. All I wanted to show in this collection was what we will experience in life can change our direction and goals.

My name is Dina Abdoos. I am a multidisciplinery visual artist working with paints, drawing, illustrations, murals, creating art with mixed media and videos as well as play in performances. I am originally from Tehran. My whole life has been filled with colour drops since I was a child. I used to paint on everything from a cup to the bathroom wall. I have always been fascinated by people’s behavior and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. The theme that I have naturally been drawn towards being the faces of women. My interest to create different personalities further de