Paradise Wallpaper

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyTina Tahir
ArtistTina Tahir
CreditTina Tahir

"Paradise Wallpaper" is a Baroque-inspired wallpaper, hinting at the Western world’s immeasurable food overconsumption and the rapidly increasing global waste production. The wallpaper’s seemingly appetizing and exotic fruits turn out to be unharvested or half-eaten, silently rotting on their branches; panoramas of landfills are framed by wreaths of spoiled fruits.

German/American artist Tina Tahir’s work is driven by questions about representation, perception, and the fleeting. She explores these phenomena through the projection of appearances. Images are not what they seem to be: pearl necklaces only gradually show that they are made up of bombs, tanks, and hand grenades; ornamental carpets are made of powder or soil and get walked off under the feet of the viewers. Tahir’s drawings and transitory objects have been part of international group shows in the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, and the UAE.