NJFF rebranding

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic), Shortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
ArtistRita Schistad-Stensvoll
Design TeamRita Schistad-Stensvoll, Gry Elise Eilertsen
ClientNorwegian Hunters' and Fishermen's Association, NJFF
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The policy of the work on NJFF’s logo and profile programme was “Protect our cultural heritage” We would like to highlight the interplay and balance with nature and to communicate what is unique about Norwegian hunting, fishing and the joy of spending time in nature. This logo is based on NJFF’s 150-year long history. The antlers and fish create associations with a mature reindeer trotting by and an trout coiling over the mountain lake. The circular shape symbolises the interplay and balance of nature, indicating that hunting and fishing are a part of this.

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