Retirement Call

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanySilvia Matias Studio
ArtistSilvia Matias
ClientGo Business
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Reality Check: Life After Retirement | OPEN CALL FOR EMERGING ARTISTS challenged young artists to use their critical spirit to reflect on a structure that many consider being collapsing: RETIREMENT and Financial literacy for creatives and artists. A visual system was created, starting from a global basic element. Based on this element, was designed the key visual and the grid system. Also, the entire typography and symbol system to power the message.

Silvia Matias is an Independent Designer & Creative Director. After collaborating with different studios in Europe like Fabrica Research Center, Folch, Solid Dogma/Vhils, and Pentagram, she decided to start her own practice. Worked across different realms of design including branding, editorial, digital, and advertising, creating culturally driven work for global brands and institutions. Co-Founder of Women Makers Program (CanvasTalks) in Milan.