Application Cultural Capital of Europe

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
Companypeetz & le peetz design
ArtistSebastian Peetz
Design TeamSebastian Peetz, Lukas Hamilcaro
ClientLandeshauptstadt Hannover
Creditle peetz design / Julian Winkhaus
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Sebastian Peetz designed a highly differentiated application book arriving from fictional Hanover of 2059 via pneumatic tube. The poetic design refers back to typographic roots: the scroll. By means of layout 100 pages A4 are enriched by »endless« reading ability with layoutspace for illustrations up to 2m long. The striking book cover is a protective transport capsule serving as showcase. Through a clever pedestal cavity, the scroll fixes itself when the hood is closed. The book is designed with typographic "time layers" and comments from the future. Textile and acrylic are 100% recyclable.