In Transformation

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyUwe Schein
ArtistUwe Schein
CreditThe series "In Transformation" was created in 2021. These are hand drawings with fineliner on drawing board in DIN A3 format
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"In Transformation" is a nod to Genesis' ability to transform. We are constantly experiencing how quickly our world, environment and climate can change. We are subject to a process to which we can usually only react. The artistic creation process is similar to what happens in nature. My drawings are not pictures or documentations of a given situation, but symbols of change and metamorphosis. Just as life itself permanently proves its diversity and creativity, they are in search of their own reality, which changes with every new drawing.

Uwe Schein was born 1950 in Heidenheim (Bavaria). Study of Free Art 1971 - 1977 University of Art in Berlin (Universität der Künste - UdK - Berlin). Pupil of Prof. Peter Janssen and Prof. Klaus Fußmann. 1976 master student appointment of Prof. Raimund Girke. Lives and works in Nuremberg. Public purchases: Bundesfinanzhof München and Kunstmuseum Erlangen. Solo Exhibitions: Gallery Röver Nuremberg, City Museum Gunzenhausen, Gallery Art City-Center Fürth, Klosterforum Heidenheim, Kunstverein Erlangen. LSX im Hosianna, Berlin(own Pub 1977) Group exhibitions in Germany, Russia and Poland.