PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyKarv One Design
ArtistKyle Chan
Design TeamJacky Wan, Ally So, Derek Ng, Jimmy Ho, YJ Peng
ClientGuangzhou WanXi
CreditKarv One Design

The Guangzhou Huadiwan City Exhibition Hall is an old property that has been renovated. The design requirement is to create a community center that can bring the citizens positively, and to provide a space for social activities. We started the design with the spirit of the space -- the word “HUA” of “HUADIWAN” in Chinese means flowers, and Huadiwan had been the largest flowers market in Guangzhou for decades. We can see the city memory from it. The Design used the Huadiwan story as the project IP to create a story of 30,000 petals to revive everyone’s memory of the city.