Shuji Mountain Resort Hotel

PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyNalou Design
ArtistHan Yang
Design TeamYang Han, Luo Ying, Zhao Dong, Peng Jian, Hu Yatao, Li Zhenghai, Shen Yanbing, Zhang Jungang, Miao Bin, Pu Henglin, Guo Ruixue, Yin Huiping
CreditMendo Wong

This project is located near the Hengduan Mountains and surrounded by the primeval forest.With a construction area of 3254m2,designers took into consideration the location,climate,native plants and local materials,customs and buildings around the project site.Designers also conducted a comprehensive consideration of sewage and garbage disposal for ecological protection,restrained the use of modern technologies and materials, created a large number of supplies with the use of local resources.The smooth lines and warm texture in design convey the feeling of comfort and relaxation to every guest.