Crystal Spa and Relaxation

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
ArtistJun Murata

Located at the part of the hotel in Shanghai, China. At the entrance, an impressive L-shaped wall with a crystal-like look welcomes guests. The interior space has 8 spas and 12 relaxation spaces arranged with various arts and gardens.The lighting in the interior space is dimly suppressed, creating a relaxing atmosphere for guests.

JAM. is the proceeded and shared style design team which is founded by Jun Murata, is programmed in 2012. His various creative design works are based on the knowledge cultivated by the experience of practical architecture, the method of the architectural education, and various experiences of design trips abroad. The main range of the his design activities are the fields of Living Space, interior, Architecture, Landscape and Photograph - and it will probably be expanded to Installation, Graphic, Furniture and Industrial design, etc.