Shanghai DTD Academy Vertical Campus

PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyPerform Design Studio
ArtistQian Li
Design TeamJiahao Qiu, Tao Sun, Shujie Xu, Chaoliang Sun, Cheng Yang, Anni Ping, Yuanyuan Ye
ClientShanghai DTD Academy
CreditQingshan Wu

The Shanghai DTD Academy is a bilingual school renowned for flexible scheduling and ample extracurricular activities. However, the site of the school is quite challenging: noise interference from nearby airport, and extremely limited outdoor area. As such, we pay more attention to the indoor space to accommodate various school programs and retain the richness of campus life. A continuous indoor public space is created to connect all the floors vertically; it stretches from the lobby on the street level to the rooftop sky playground, and builds a self-contained vertical campus ecosystem.

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