The Valley Of Vinyl

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyJonathan Knowles Photography
ArtistJonathan Knowles
Design TeamCreative Direction: Ray Swan. Retouching: Gareth Pritchard.
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With this new project for Dublin Vinyl, we tap into the community of music lovers, who are discovering the joys of music experienced on the oldest format. If you look at the grooves of a vinyl record through a high magnification microscope you will see these valleys of sound, where the music is actually a physical landscape. Each and every song has a completely different valley, like a musical fingerprint. Discovering the world of vinyl, we captured the exact location of specific place name lyrics, from classic records available on

Jonathan Knowles is one of the leading advertising photographers of his generation. Specialising in still life, Jonathan’s unique photographic style and lighting technique has earned him award-winning advertising commissions worldwide.