We All Bleed Red

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyMelissa Nickerson Photography
ArtistMelissa Nickerson
ClientPersonal Project Seriess
CreditMelissa Nickerson
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There is strength and connection in our willingness to be openly vulnerable about our struggles. We all experience suffering, no matter our religion, ethnicity or age. Our imperfections make us human, but it is our compassion towards each other, and ourselves, that makes us humane. This is a personal project that looks at that part of ourselves we often keep hidden. Those voices inside our mind and the pain we carry under our skin that others don’t see. In this project we write them on our skin, to be seen by all. These women share their voices and the powerful ways they reclaim strength

Photography was always a way to explore and learn about the world for me. An excuse to be alone in the middle of the forest or in the middle of a dirty street in a foreign country. My passion lies in the exploration of unique cultures and the human experience on our earth. Working mostly in the commercial field of photographer, I realised a lot of what I photographed was directly contrasting to many of my personal values. This series is the first in an ongoing project meant to connect human emotion to environmental issues - using the skills I learned in to make an impact.