Flora and fauna and Japanese color bag

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CompanyNishikotoro Blue
ArtistNao Furusawa
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I create bags based on the concept of unique patterns that no one has ever seen before, combining the vivid colors of Japanese kimonos, cute animals and plants, and things related to Japan. I work alone, from the pattern to the creation of the bag. The main features of the bags are the use of colors that go with any outfit and the sturdiness of the bags, which are made without using needles or thread. By drawing patterns of plants, animals, and toys that have been around in Japan for a long time, I hope to make people around the world happy and strongly interested in Japan.

Hi, I'm NishikotoroBlue. NishikotoroBlue is a one-man company that creates unique patterns, bags, and illustrations using a combination of bright colors, patterns, flora and fauna, and things related to Japan that no one has ever seen before. I also draws monthly magazine covers for a publishing company for three years, and designs stationery. My patterns and fabrics are sold in stores in the US and other countries. My aim is to make people all over the world smile with my patterns and illustrations, and to let people know more about the beautiful culture of Japan.