Faster Than Light

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
ArtistOlga Yatskaer
CreditMelting Prod
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The Faster Than Light jewellery set renders the speed and acceleration through still pieces of metal jewellery. The concept is visualized through carefully calculated geometry of the shapes and fine engravings. The design is inspired by the ever increasing speed of life, from inventions to technology to human interactions. As per the theory of relativity, when objects, structures and particles accelerate towards the speed of light, they get smaller, their masses grow, and finally they collapse into a single point. Beyond that point, when the speed gets faster than light, the unknown begins...

Olga Yatskaer is a new name in the Belgian jewelry design. Her first collection was created in 2016. She launched a company called Queensberg, to produce and promote her creations. Formerly a historian, Olga was always passionate about jewelry. She completed studies in Arts et Metiers in Brussels in 2013, and took private lessons from renowned European masters to become a jewelry professional. The designer aim of Olga is to create pieces that are beautiful, original and wearable, yet affordable for most people. She crafts her pieces to fit everyday wearing and high class outfits alike.