Luna Ultrasound Device

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyEkas Design Studio
ArtistMohammad Sina Gavili
Design TeamMohammad Sina Gavili, Nazanin Omidi, Mohammad Sajjad Hakam, Siavash Aspari, Shabnam Kamyar, Siavash Heidari and Atieh Jahanshahi
ClientMed Fanavaran Plus Co. [MFP]

Luna ultrasound device is a result of a participatory design process. Through the development process, the design team used feedback to continuously enhance the device. the goal was to develop an ultrasound with a distinct identity to compete with its global competitors while also meeting the Iranian market's needs. Luna's touch control panel makes it possible to customize its interface. Due to its structure, Luna's hardware can be upgraded without having replaced the entire device. Each part can be maintained separately. the probe holders can be shifted over based on user preferences.