Osseodensification Kit

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyTaiwan Implant Technology Company & MIRDC, Taiwan
ArtistTsai Tung-Lin / Huang Ching-Chieh / Lin Yen-Yu
Design TeamTsai Tung-Lin , Huang Ching-Chieh , Lin Yen-Yu , Chun-Chieh Tseng ,and Pei-Hua Wang for Design Team
CreditTung-Lin Tsai / Huang Ching-Chieh
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The traditional method of orthopedic implants requires pre-drilling before orthopedic implantation, which results in bone tissue loss and increases the risk during surgery. This design is the world's first osseodensification drilling tool developed for osteoporosis patients, featuring Morse Taper and a safety edge design. The slow speed of the drilling process and the extrusion of the bone can promote OsseoDensification, reducing the loss of bone tissue and bone regeneration during surgery and increasing the success rate of the surgery for patients with osteoporosis.