AlpX Climbing Holds Skins

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
ArtistSteve Iannello
Design TeamSteve Iannello, Julien Rosina
CreditYoukaïdi & Osm'Ose

AlpX is a climbing hold skin design and production technique offering unique performance, comfort and aesthetics qualities. The textures are fully customisable to provide the desired climbing experience for pros, beginners and children alike. The exceptional longevity due to low surface wear and high resistance to magnesia powder clogging of the pores makes holds more eco friendly and economical. This technology is the next step in the evolution of the so far artisanal world of climbing holds making at no additional cost, bringing hole new exploration fields to climbers & producers.

Youkaïdi is an industrial and product design studio from Lausanne, Switzerland. It was co-founded in 2009 by Steve Iannello and Julien Rosina. Steve and Julien share a common vision of design, favouring efficient and carefully detailed products. They strive to spark curiosity by revealing certain hidden conception aspects. In their creations, technical constraints transform into aesthetical elements that bring character to an object.