Manga Bench

PrizeWinner in Use (product)
CompanyQZ Urban Furniture
ArtistEnrique Minguez
Design TeamEnrique Mínguez Ros, Enrique Mínguez Martínez, David Maestre
CreditDavid Frutos. Christmas' lighthouse of Cartagena, Murcia. Spain
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A piece of urban furniture inspired by marine life, capable of awakening emotions in urban and natural environments. When the bench is not occupied, its soft undulating shapes make it a sculptural element. A bench of elegant simplicity. Organic shapes that not only fulfils the function of a seat but also provides an aesthetic value when it is placed in the urban space: seafronts, ports, parks, squares, streets and boulevards. The purity of the lines and the roundness between planes of the Manga Bench, reinforces the brightness and textures typical of fiberglass and concrete.