Bcompact Hybrid stairs & ladders

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyBcompact Design
ArtistZev Bianchi

Bcompact is the originator of the patented side folding stair system and the only company to market this unique product worldwide. With the current worldwide trend to work from home, Bcompact is in the right place at the right time to offer customers unique and clever designs for your comfort, security and the separation of professional and personal living space. The Bcompact retractable hybrid ladder-staircase provides an ingenious and simple solution to a space management problem,the intelligent space-saver folds against the wall to optimize living space…

Bcompact’s passion for compact living was born out of necessity. Whilst living in New York City for several years; in high-priced & cramped conditions. Bcompact founder, Zev Bianchi, realized that there was a real need to give people a choice to create the best possible living environment in the least amount of space. With a holistic approach that benefits you, the individual, but the world at large and most importantly our future generations. By choosing to use one of the ethically designed & produced Hybrid stairs or ladders, customers contribute to the health & well-being of our planet!