Fate of eternity

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
University/SchoolKanazawa college of art
ArtistMarina Ito

This work is about the world of "love" stories between boys. Two boys are about to leave the hellish mundane world for a world of their own. They are trapped in the past and desperately hope for an eternal future with each other.Human beings are creatures that live at the mercy of love in every age. In fact, in the history of art, various kinds of love have been depicted in paintings.As a human being living in the 21st century, I created this work to beautifully express one ultimate love.

In my work, I seek to explore the possibilities of painting by combining the classical styles and techniques of Western art with the pop culture of my time. In particular, I incorporate elements of shoujo manga and Boys' love culture. I create stories based on the theme of love, and pursue the expression of relationships and emotions through the technique of oil painting. And I aim to establish a style of painting in the modern age while exploring my own unique worldview and method of expression.