Speech balloons painting

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistErika Nojiri

I've drawn impressive scenes that my portraits and strange animals are mumbling quietly. My theme is "Included words". In Japanese society, we are requested that reading between the lines; to be more sensitive or considerate without words. Particularly country areas, people think the cooperation are more important than individual. So, some people are forced to patient telling their opinions. I don't think about that's a good way to keep peaceful society. So, I painted the situations with me and animals that speaking their opinions.

I make art works from my dark experiences. My painting style is spiral lines and original Japanese characters. And my theme is "included words". In Japanese societies, "nothing" was required as a matter of course. If there are some members in troubles, they make that nothing. I wonder it's really a good way to keep things running smoothly? I think we need a society that respects the individual. "Trying to cover conflicts and troubles" is the pacifism in good way but some people suffer from absurdity. Through my art works, I tell that importance of listening to each person's words more.