Eternal - See you tonight in the light

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistNarumi Hoshi
CreditEternal - See you tonight in the light

This is the main work I drew during my solo exhibition "Beside the Continuing Light" held at the cafe BunCoffee Byron Bay in Tokyo in December 2019. "Continuing light" is the days we live. We are alive near the light that is always there, big or small. No matter what the situation, I want to have hope for the future. The title of this painting is "Eternal - See you tonight in the light". I will decorate and illuminate many ornaments for you. Sweet candy gently melts the snow. I draw with that feeling, as if I was looking into the Christmas tree from inside.

1994,Born in Saitama. I studied fashion design in high school and then visual design at Tokyo Design Academy. After graduating, I worked as a graphic designer at an advertising production company and design office, and is now a freelance artist, writer, and designer. The artwork using acrylic gouache.Characterized by vivid and transparent colors. Although it is abstract, it creates a unique world view that allows each viewer to expand their image.