Eternal - See you tonight in the light

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistNarumi Hoshi
CreditEternal - See you tonight in the light

This is the main work I drew during my solo exhibition "Beside the Continuing Light" held at the cafe BunCoffee Byron Bay in Tokyo in December 2019. "Continuing light" is the days we live. We are alive near the light that is always there, big or small. No matter what the situation, I want to have hope for the future. The title of this painting is "Eternal - See you tonight in the light". I will decorate and illuminate many ornaments for you. Sweet candy gently melts the snow. I draw with that feeling, as if I was looking into the Christmas tree from inside.

I am from Saitama, Japan. I paint my works with acrylic gouache on canvas.I studied clothing design in high school and later studied visual design at Tokyo Design College. When I paint, I am often inspired by the changes in nature, such as daily temperatures, scents carried by the wind, blooming flowers, and the air. The seasons may repeat themselves, but our hearts are changing, and there is only one moment when emotions and the air intersect. Whether positive or not, moving or quiet, if I can capture and paint that moment, I feel the world becomes a little more precious.