Under the Shadow of Corona

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistEduardo Fujii
CreditEduardo Fujii

This body of work consists of conceptual artworks crafted on my iPhone during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. With a conceptual approach, I reimagine portraiture from the perspective of someone living in isolation dealing with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. The work investigates the dynamics of the human form and the effects of a novel agent of desolation. It challenges our assumptions of photography. Rather than presenting a factual reality, I prefer to fabricate illusions to expand the realms of our imagination. I create unreal images that reflect personal self-healing rituals.

Eduardo Fujii is a self-taught fine art photographer living and working on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California. Early in his life, his parents introduced him to the arts and he fell in love with classical music and painting. Busy college life though distracted him from his artistic path until about twelve years ago when he chose photography to express himself as an artist. His photography offers hints of the influence music and painting had and continue to have on his artistic style. His images have an unquestionable painterly look and are full of mystery and lyricism.