Planet of Moons

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ArtistFiona Hsu
Design TeamFiona Hsu
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Planet of Moons is a cold and snowy alien planet, where crescent-moon-shaped marble outposts are located everywhere to absorb the planet's core energy to distort gravity. Planet of Moons project is created in Emile Cohl Atelier's environment design program. I created this scene/shot from start to finish, including visual development/concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, and compositing. The design of this alien outpost is inspired and referenced from gothic and futuristic architecture styles and aesthetic.

Fiona Hsu is a fine artist and self-taught photographer who captures imagery based on her pure imaginations and dreams. She started traditional art since she was 5 and developed passion for fine art photography at age 14 during her recovery from a foot tendon surgery. Fiona’s artworks are inspired by her dreams at night, her childhood imaginations, and the complex forms of emotions she discovered within herself.