Fantasy with a Palm Frond

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistPeter Hammer
CreditPeter Hammer

I was out walking and came across a dead frond from a palm tree. That got me thinking of how I could use this piece of nature in images. This series of surreal, and at times humorous images, is the result. The frond can be a hat, it can be a beach shelter from the sun and the rain, it can be a boat in a storm or a carriage taking a bride to her wedding. It can be a portal to another world or a frame for autumn trees. It can turn birding around where a large bird looks at a tiny human. The frond can be the horns of a dilemma or reflect the uncertainty or persistence of time.

Peter used to work as an electronic engineer/IT developer but now spends his time working with photography interspersed with travel. His interests in the photography field range from landscapes, street photography through to fine art and creative image making. Peter's travels have taken him to all 7 continents and around 40 countries.