PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
University/SchoolI·D arte
ArtistOihane Elorza Poves
CreditSUNS alphabet
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Villanelle new series’ identity has been created through the design of a typeface that reflects the show’s character. The typography itself is the protagonist in the logotype, as well of being part of the history and defining the titles. The styles of SUNS typography have their own tone and each one represents, respectively, strength and weakness. This duality is intended to predict what will happen in the story and how it will affect the protagonist.

«Always studying, always a student» as a way of life, to stay up to date and to give the best of me. I am fascinated by graphic design and creating personal projects taking care of even the smallest details. I am serious, hardworking and responsible, with a great capacity for organization and teamwork. I consider myself creative and a good companion.