RGB alphabets

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyKurdistan 24
ArtistReshakh Mahmood
CreditRGB Alphabets By reshakh
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the Art of types it's popular nowadays all around the world, so many artists Decided to work on types with flat and 2d style works, and i see in our generation we live on some kind of new visuals, which is neons and lights, our visions became reality from the past, the cities with neon lights and RGB colors, with phones,PCs, Light strips all around our houses and stores became a culture of our generation, that the concept behind all of this RGB alphabets, tried to create types with very futuristic Visuals.

My real name is Reshakh but I call myself Reshoka, and I'm a motion designer, working with Tv channels and creative agencies in the middle east Like Turkey, Iraq, Dubai, Iran, I'm from Iraq, Kurdistan, and now I'm working with a Creative group on Erbil, Iraq for NEWS TV channels, Beside my carrier I love art, Before being a motion designer I was a Painter, and graduated from fine arts, also I'm obsessed with technology that's why I decided to be a digital artist and now I'm a Motion Designer and digital artist.