Conversations With Myself

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistJo Ann Chaus

In "Conversations with Myself", I assume and perform as assorted women of the 1950's, the era of my birth and my mother's as a young mother, attempting to understand what it was like to be a women of that time. I exploring multifaceted aspects of the female/human psyche at that time (or perhaps of all time).emoting the implied constraints imposed on them by society, family and themselves. On the precipice of the revolutionary 1960’s, the work reflects the emergence of an inner conundrum and conflict, that if often still evident today.

My work for the past five years has been an investigation of a woman's place in the world, and the progress made individually, collectively and societally, by my personal experiences, explorations, conversations and observations. Prior to the current self portraiture work, Conversations with Myself, I explored my relationship vis a vis my family of origin, in Sweetie & Hansom, a seven year project, to understand psychologically my personal development and amassed a clear understanding of my philosophical perspective on life.