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There are many autographs on the pictures I take. It is a sign that unravels the secrets of the universe from the signs of nature, flora and fauna, insects, and the sky. The universe and the global environment are always in communication, The universe brings the nutrient of color and colors the earth. This is the basis of the creative structure. There is water on the earth, but water is the source of creativity. Reading the universe, the earth was created and opened. A book on the basic structure of creation.

I am an oracle reader and horoscope reader who deciphers metaphysical messages. And I take pictures of everyday changes in nature and autographs. There are many secrets in the pictures I took, I started to decipher it and leave it in my work of art. This has to do with my own horoscope, What is my artistic nature and what is science and technology? I felt that leaving an answer to the question in art would be my answer. I hope that my art will be an elemental decipherment from the universe.